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Diversified Mining and Resources is the mineral exploration division of Diversified Property Group.


providing the elements required to create a sustainable future


To prove up and develop critical mineral mining projects that will provide the minerals for a sustainable future.

Copper (Cu) and other rare earth elements are the building blocks of that sustainable future

Thorium (Th) and Uranium (U) will power that sustainable future


Strategic Planning

Diversified Mining and Resources is focussed on the Palmer River Region of Cape York Queensland. The area was made famous during the 1873 Gold Rush for its alluvial gold in the 'River of Gold'. The area has only been explored to shallow depths as past explorers were looking for shallow alluvial deposits. New technology has enabled the company to look to greater depths without the need of drilling. This new technology aerial magnetics has been deployed and has resulted in the identification of significant targets. 

Diversified Mining and Resources will continue to use this technology to identify additional targets.

Following suitable geological review, the company will then develop a drilling program to unlock the potential of these resources. 

Diversified Mining and Resources is likely to find gold, but the company is focussed on critical minerals including copper (Cu) tin (Sn) tungsten (W) and other rare earth elements.


Business Strategy

Diversified Mining and Resources is focused on the discovery and development of economic mineral deposits in primary geological settings to deliver company and shareholder value. 


Project Development

Diversified Mining and Resources is excited about the development potential for its significant identified Palmerville resources in Queensland. It will continue to carry out its exploration program to firm up and clearly identify the potential of these resources.


Diversified Mining and Resources recognises the history of this region and the role that the Western Yalanji people have played. Diversified Mining and Resources acknowledges and participates in working with Western Yalanji Rangers while on Palmerville Station.  

Mining and Exploration EPM’s

Mineral rights in Australia are separate to landholder surface rights. In order for the Landholder to have mineral rights below their land, it is necessary to make application for EPM’s (Exploration Permit Minerals), granting the right to explore for minerals and an exclusive right to apply for a mining lease over those minerals.

The landholders have established Diversified Mining and Resources Pty Limited to take out exploration tenements over portions of Palmerville Station.

The Palmerville Fault (named after the Palmerville township and Cattle Station) extends from Princess Charlotte Bay in the North to Townsville in the South.

Two mining EPM’s (Exploration Permit Minerals) that are owned by Diversified Mining and Resources Pty Limited, are Fish Creek EPM27607 and the second is the Cattle Creek EPM27912.

The tenements held by Diversified Mining and Resources are highly prospective for Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), porphyry / VMS deposits and are proximal to notable mines:

  • The Mungana Mine, The King Vol Mine, The Red Dome mine that are owned by Aurora Metals Limited; and
  • Tartana Mine owned by R3D Resources (R3D:ASX) and the
  • Dianne Copper mine owned by Revolver Resources (RRR:ASX).

These two EPMs are part of a strategic joint venture between a mining / quarrying legal professional and others.

Below image, ASX listed exploration entity drilling on Palmerville Station for copper.



 Cattle Creek EPM 27912, Palmerville Station

Diversified Mining and Resources is excited to further explore the Cattle Creek EPM area following the successful completion of aerial geophysics, which identified two significant anomalies. Magnetics and reports and sampling reports are available.


Fish Creek EPM 27607, Palmerville Station

The Fish Creek EPM is a significant area of Palmerville Stations mineral rights.

Aerial geophysics is planned for the 2023 dry season, followed by further investigation of anomalies during the year.

Cattle Creek EPM 27912



Site 1  is a topographical high caused by the presence of a breccia pipe. Samples taken and mapped include a variety of breccias, some with quartz matrix and clasts. Large angular to sub angular quartz clasts in silica flood matrix are common suggesting and explosive even. Of most interest is an iron rich breccia picked up as float which contains clasts of porphyry. Also collected from the hill was a sample of stockwork.

Site 2 follows the ridge line and around three historical drill holes. Three historical collars were located along this ridge which were initially considered to be Bruce Resources. However subsequent mapping, including the georeferencing an old map indicates that these correspond to drill collars PV18, 19 and 20. A number of samples were taken along this ridge line including from quartz sheet veins and A veins, iron rich (ex-sulphides) and altered sediments.

Site 3 A large vuggy quartz vein outcrops at the road in this area. The quartz vein was followed down the ridge towards DP006, a quartz vein containing sulphides and magnetite. Interestingly DP006 sits on the margin of the magnetic high and is along strike from the outcropping quartz blow.

25 samples in total for assay. The attached map with the Magnetic overlay and historical drilling marked.






Health and Safety

Diversified Mining and Resources is committed to preventing injuries and ill health of all workers, contractors and visitors. We believe that:

  • All incidents are preventable
  • Everyone is accountable and responsible in identifying and managing risks and hazards associated with the workplace to keep everyone safe
  • Consulting and empowering workers and contractors to participate in the identification, elimination and control of risks and hazards will contribute to continual improvement towards a safe work environment
  • Working with competent people and providing training to support their development will support our commitment to a safe working environment
  • Maintaining our safety management system and complying with relevant health and safety laws, regulations, industry codes of practice, licenses and project requirements shall contribute to continual improvement. 

Diversified Mining and Resources management and supervision are committed, responsible for maintaining the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the implementation of the health and safety system through ongoing communication of company procedures and safety issues to all worker, contractors, and visitors
  • The continuous improvement to the health and safety systems and procedures.
  • Implement health and safety auditing at all our work locations
  • Developing and maintaining a positive safety culture. All workers, at all levels shall take every reasonable care to protect their health and safety at work and the health and safety of others.

This includes:

  • Working safely and keeping the workplace free from hazards
  • Ensuring that you do not endanger other people by your actions or lack of action
  • Ensuring that you use and maintain appropriate PPE • Obeying all site rules and being fit for work
  • Ensuring that you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Complying with company health and safety procedures, instructions, and training. Our procedures are integrated within our management system so that Health and Safety Management, along with all other business activities, are controlled at all stages.


Environmental Policy 

Diversified Mining and Resources is committed to undertaking its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively mitigating any risks that may lead to an impact on the environment.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and standards
  • Identify and manage environmental risks within all our operations
  • Prevent pollution, minimise waste and increase recycling
  • Regularly review and upgrade our environmental management system
  • Control our work activities via the education and motivation of our personnel
  • Promote a strong environmental ethic as part of our culture
  • Consider favourably, suppliers who pursue good environmental management practices
  • Conserve resources by reducing the use of raw materials, packaging and energy in manufacture and transport
  • Communicate openly and constructively with environmental stakeholders, government authorities and the community
  • Implement and use management systems to plan, document, measure and monitor environmental performance
  • Continually improve environmental performance through training, management review, research, development, and community consultation.

Diversified Mining and Resources Pty Limited will implement all relevant practices to achieve this end. 


Privacy Statement

Diversified Mining and Resources is committed to ensuring that the personal information it holds regarding its contractors, consultants, job applicants, employees and other individuals is handled appropriately and lawfully, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Personal information is information relating to an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion provided.

Diversified Mining and Resources will only collect personal information that is necessary for its business functions and activities, or to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

When Diversified Mining and Resources collects any personal information, as far as is practicable, we will provide the individual information about the purpose of collection, the types of organisations (if any) to which we may disclose the personal information (e.g. clients, pre-employment testing organisations) and any law that requires the particular information to be collected.

Personal information will only be used for the primary purpose(s) for which it was collected and in some cases for related secondary purposes.

When Diversified Mining and Resources needs to use personal information for purposes other than the primary purpose, we will obtain consent where appropriate and necessary.

Other than in cases of emergency, sensitive information will only be used and accessed by other personnel of Diversified Mining and Resources where there is a clear and compelling need to do so.

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