Vision and Values

Our Shared Environment

Working in collaboration with the Western Yalanji Rangers, to restore damaged environments from 150 years of gold mining and to also manage the land as the ancient custodians did, through savanna burning in collaboration with Aboriginal Carbon Foundation.

 Protecting our waterways, riparian corridors, savanna grass lands and rain forests in our high country.

Our Shared Communities

Palmerville station is located on Kuku Yalanji land, and our relationship with our traditional owners is integral to how we operate. We have co-contributed to the Western Yalanji Ranger Program and established a permanent base on Palmerville Station and we work with the Rangers to protect culture, the ancient art works and sacred locations on the property, as well as the protection of fragile and regenerating environments. 

It is a core focus to assist and facilitate the Western Yalanji to have employment and contracting and business opportunity back 'on country'.


Education, Health and Safety

We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for all our Diversified Agriculture team members, contractors and visitors.

We have invested heavily into the main yards, featuring covered processing area and occupational health and safety features inducing raised staff platforms, and other features such as separate stock and worker areas in and around the yards. 

We understand that a proactive health and safety culture is the responsibility of each and every person on our team, we are committed to working with our team in implementing industry leading management systems.

A strong focus on continuing education and training of our team members to grow and succeed safely. 


Operational Biosecurity

Diversified Agriculture is dedicated to minimising biosecurity risks to our people, our animals and our land. We have employed best practices, technology and systems to mitigate risks to our livestock, properties or the broader industry. 

This includes  declarations, communication, visitor protocols and biosecurity plans for each of our properties. 


Animal Welfare

Animal welfare best practice have been the key focus during the design, development and implementation of infrastructure and facilities on Palmerville Station.

Diversified Agriculture and its team are committed to ensuring all animals on our properties are treated with respect.

Any form of animal cruelty or stressful treatment of animals will not be tolerated on any of its properties by members of our team or members of the general public.

Our recent investment of $1.3 million dollars in our new cattle handling facility featuring a pneumatic HD Crush, computerised weighing and auto 5 way cattle draft as well as pneumatic tub, bugle, adjustable curved race and pneumatic pedestrian gates ensuring separation of staff and beasts while crossing access ways and an extensive bugle system which helps reduce the workload and animal stress.